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Paestum & Mozzarella Tour

About Paestum....

Paestum was a major ancient Greek city on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in Magna Graecia. After its foundation by Greek colonists under the name of Poseidonia (Ancient Greek: Ποσειδωνία) it was eventually conquered by the Lucanians and later the Romans. The Lucanians renamed it to Paistos and the Romans gave the city its current name. The ruins of Paestum are notable for their three ancient Greek temples which are in a very good state of preservation. Today the remains of the city are found in the modern frazione of the same name, which is part of the comune of Capaccio in the Province of Salerno.

Paestum is home to three magnificent Doric temples, which are thought to be dedicated to the city's namesake Poseidon (known to the Romans as Neptune), Hera and Ceres. The temples of Neptune and Hera are located next to each other at the southern end of the site, while the smaller Temple of Ceres is at the northern end. You can walk up close to the temples, but they are roped off to prevent interior access.

About Buffalo Mozzarella...

In spite of the success of the local modern agriculture, the most famous and important food product of the area, especially in the towns of Battipaglia, Eboli and Paestum is by far the buffalo Mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella is the most important among the several cheeses that are made only in a few specific provinces Italy and are based on pure buffalo milk. Due to the worldwide success of this product and to the absence of a proper and timely brand-protection policy, this name is today widely abused as a generic indication for a fresh cow milk cheese, made anywhere in the world.

Today buffalos are bred in modern farms, most of which are open to visitors, and sell their mozzarella and other products on site directly to the customer. Visiting a buffalo breeding is one of the favourite short tours of our guests in the surroundings.

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