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About the Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples (Italian: Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, sometimes abbreviated to MANN) is an important Italian archaeological museum, particularly for ancient Roman remains. Its collection includes works from GreekRoman and Renaissance times, and especially Roman artifacts from nearby PompeiiStabiae and Herculaneum. It was formerly the Real Museo Borbonico ("Royal Bourbon Museum").

About the Neapolitan Pizza & More..

For Unesco the skills related to the production of pizza, which includes gestures, songs, visual expressions, local jargon, ability to handle the pizza dough, perform and share is an indisputable cultural heritage.



You can not miss a stop for lunch on the seafront, you will be enchanted with a mixture of unique sensations ... a combination of the taste of Neapolitan pizza and a wonderful view of the Gulf of Naples ... and finally you can enjoy a pleasant walk through the historic streets of Naples ...



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